Burn Times

Refer below for our candle sizes and expected burn times

Candle Freak Collection

Mini 'tester' Tins. 55g. 15+ hr burn time

Mini Jars. 60g. 15+ hr burn time

Medium Jars. 170g. 30+ hr burn time

Large Jars. 270g. 45+ hr burn time

Luxury Embossed Tins

Luxury Tins. 450g. 60+ hr burn time (triple wick)

Luxury Geo Collection

Mini Geo Jars. 95g. 20+ hr burn time

Medium Geo Jars. 230g. 40+ hr burn time

Large Geo Jars. 500g. 75+ hr burn time (wooden or double wick)

Luxury Stemless Collection

Prism Jars. 380g. 50+ hr burn time

Stemless Jars. 500g. 60+ hr burn time

Jumbo Stemless. 1.3kg. 100+ burn time 


Hanging Diffuser Packs (2 refills) - approx 8-12 weeks

Reed Diffusers - 3-6 months (depending on how often you flip the reeds)