Our Refill Information

General refill information and a step-by-step guide to cleaning our candle jars for refilling

Our Candle Refills

Yes! We refill our jars :)

We can refill all of our jars (luxury and otherwise) however we do not refill our Glass Mini Jars - they are just too small to refill purposes.

We do all of our refills at 35% discount of our full retail pricing.

For example, one of our medium geo's are $42.50, therefore a refill @ 35% discount will be $27.62.

Therefore you can get a rough idea of how much your refill/s will be. However I only invoice upon receipt of the jars to ensure that they are cleaned and suitable for refilling.

We have created a step-by-step jar cleaning guide below to assist you in cleaning your Candle Freak jars.

We ask that all jars are completely washed of all remain wax and residue, with labels, wicks & wick stickers removed (you can leave the base warning label as this is how I keep track of the # of refills the jar has had)

Unfortunately breakages can occur and I cannot be held accountable for breakages that occur if the jars are brought back to me not completely clean.

Please bear in mind that each jar does have a lifetime.

The majority of our jars could have 2-3 burns/uses - the first use of your jar + 1-2 refills after that - but its does depend on the jar design.

For example, the geo collection is made from a much thicker glass and can handle more uses, say your initial burn + 2 refills.

But our Stemless collection is a thinner glass design so they would be suitable for your first use + 1 refill.

Once you have used your jar to its maximum burning lifetime, you can still clean out the jar using the guide below and use it around the house.

Please send me an email, text or social media message to arrange your refill.

Generally you are able to leave your jars by our front door whenever suits you best and we go from there.

I DO NOT refill other companies candle jars or any other tea/wine glasses (for example) for legal and safety reasons.

The jars I purchase are specifically designed and manufactured for candle use. Therefore I will not take the risk to provide candles in jars that are not designed for the concentrated heat of candles.

A step-by-step guide to cleaning your used candle jars
Refill Step 1.jpeg


Decide which jars you would like to get refilled - woohoo!

Refill Step 2.jpeg


Break up any remaining wax in the bottom of your jar.

I use an everyday knife to gently score the wax

Refill Step 3.jpeg


Remove the wick at this time - if you can - otherwise it will soak off in a later step.

I gently lever the knife under it to see if it will lift - be careful not to lever too hard on the glass or it may shatter

Refill Step 4


Scrape the wax from the jar and dispose of it

Refill Step 5


Once all wax is removed, add some dishwashing liquid to your jars

Refill Step 6


Fill your jars with hot water.

Soy wax has a low melt point so this does not need to be boiling water - normal hot tap water is fine.

Refill Step 8


Don't forget to wash your lids

(if your jar comes with a lid)

it'll make them all fresh and sparkly with your new refill

Refill Step 7


Let your jars soak for 10-15mins, this helps to remove any soot or let the wick & wick sticker soak off.

Refill Step 9


Tip out the water that has been soaking, refill with hot water and dishwashing liquid and give your jars a wash.

Refill Step 12


You may find that the wick sticker is still attached to the bottom of your jar, after soaking this should slide right out

Refill Step 11


Remove wick sticker

Refill Step 10


Give your jar a good rinse

Refill Step 13


Let your jars and lids dry

Refill Step 14


They are now all clean and ready for refilling! Get in touch with me to arrange it!


Or use them around the house :)

If you have one of our Keep Cups, its now nice and clean for you to use as your reusable coffee/hot drink/wine glass - whichever you prefer!

Final Step


Enjoy your refilled candles :)